Switching Off...

All to often we are plugged into social media, our phones, our computers and rarely do we take time to allow our minds to relax. I took a week off from overstimulating my brain and found that being ‘bored’ was actually really good for the mind. I had a myriad of ideas and creativity, following the week of withdrawing from social media and the phone and I wrote a piano album in two days. I’ve never considered myself to be an accomplished piano player, but the album came to me instantly and I seemed to create very contrasting tracks.

In putting together the Music and Walks group I have found that I am not the only one who seeks a digital detox, in getting out in to the outdoors and playing music, it has been hugely beneficial to my wellbeing and creativity alike. Sharing my knowledge as well as making friends in a friendly and welcoming setting has resulted in meeting a great bunch of people some of whom have gone on to be in the band.

Tony GwynneComment